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Michelle Gordon Speech Pathology Inc. is a private speech pathology practice dedicated to assisting individuals in finding their true voice. We provide comprehensive care for individuals who have difficulty in the areas of voice, speech, and swallowing. Our goal is to assist patients in reaching their full potential through caring, personalized, individual therapy.

The human voice is the organ of the soul.
– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

About Michelle Gordon

Michelle is an accomplished speech pathologist who loves her profession and truly enjoys caring for her patients. It typically only takes one therapy session for a patient to realize that she is passionate about what she does. To her, it’s not a job, but the satisfaction gained by helping her patients through sometimes the most difficult points in their lives that drives her each and every therapy session.

Having been introduced to the profession at an early age, it was then that she decided to pursue a career as a speech and language pathologist. She went on to graduate from BIOLA University with an undergraduate degree in Communicative Disorders and continued on to complete her Master’s Degree in Communicative Disorders from California State University Fullerton.

“I had a severe case of muscle tension dysphonia (MTD) which caused my voice to get very weak and very strained. Michelle gave me a lot of information and several techniques to try, such as ‘belly breathing’ and vocal resonance exercises. Michelle also massaged some areas in my throat that held a lot of muscle tension. We eventually found the main cause of my MTD and worked on ways to alleviate it.

I can happily say that my MTD is now almost gone. I need a little more time and practice to break my bad habits that cause MTD, but I know that I am well on my way to being free of MTD. Michelle has a lot of experience with treating voice disorders. My MTD was severe, and if she could help me then she can help with most cases of MTD.

I will recommend Michelle Gordon Speech Pathology to anyone I know that may benefit from speech therapy, especially if they are suffering from MTD.”

– M.M. – Muscle Tension Dysphonia


ur Services – We provide a comprehensive program including evaluation and treatment for
individual’s experiencing difficulty with their voice, speech and/or swallowing.

We understand our clients have busy lives. To accommodate your schedule we will arrange appointment times in the mornings, mid-day, evenings, and on weekends.

At Michelle Gordon Speech Pathology you will be seen by Michelle Gordon, a highly experienced therapist, for the entire therapy session

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We are often asked for additional information. Below we provide you with websites or organizations
that we feel represent the best source of information available.

The Alzheimer’s Association
312-335-8882 (TTY)

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association
 818-880-9007 (V/TTY)
(800) 782-4747

The Brain Injury Association

National Aphasia Association
800-922-4622 (V/TTY)

Voice Foundation
(215) 735-7999

Huntingon’s Disease Society of America
800-345-4372 (consumers)
212-242-1968 (professionals)

“Prior to transitioning, my greatest fear was having a passable voice. Even though hormones and surgery can take care of many things, the voice is unaffected. I had started an online program which was helpful in introducing the basics of voice production. But after several weeks, it became clear that the immediate feedback and guidance provided by a voice therapist would be necessary to achieve not just a passable voice, but an effortlessly feminine one.

Working with Michelle has introduced me to even more elements, some very subtle, that contribute to a beautiful voice. Even after 6 sessions, I had achieved a voice that I was proud of and that I felt was truly mine. What once was a liability has become one of my strengths in my transition to living and thriving as a woman.

Some of the most important tools that Michelle provided me with were self-analysis and the ability to fine tune my voice on my own. Beyond pitch, we worked extensively on resonance, breath control, and stamina. She not only transformed my voice, but she has helped me with all the non-verbal aspects of presentation as well, including the appropriate gestures, gait, and posture.
In summary, I give Michelle my highest recommendation. She has truly been an invaluable ally!”

– A.T.- Gender Affirming Training

To help us set personal goals for your therapy, please download and fill out
the Voice Handicap Index (VHI) form below and bring it with you to your first session.


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More About Michelle

Following her education, she began working at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach. Over the next 12 years she would refine her skills as a speech pathologist helping thousands of patients reach their full recovery potential. While working at Hoag Hospital she became involved in the specialized care of patients with Parkinson’s disease. She also assisted in the development and training of staff in the use of FEES (Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing) and Stroboscopy. During her final years at Hoag she played an instrumental role in bringing a dedicated Voice and Swallowing Center to Hoag, working alongside an Otolaryngologist to provide patients with comprehensive care.

Leaving Hoag was never easy but she knew that the time had come to raise a family. Always longing to be active in her profession it was not long after the birth of her first child that she established her very own private clinic. As a small private clinic Michelle is not interested in a rotating door of patients but is rather focused on helping few patients reach their full recovery potential. It has always been about helping others through speech therapy and in establishing her own clinic she is now able to focus on the most important piece of her practice, her clients.

Outside of her private practice, Michelle teaches at California State University Fullerton and often guest lectures at various universities helping to build the next generation of speech pathologists. She spends her free time with her husband and raising her two girls.