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“Prior to transitioning, my greatest fear was having a passable voice. Even though hormones and surgery can take care of many things, the voice is unaffected. I had started an online program which was helpful in introducing the basics of voice production. But after several weeks, it became clear that the immediate feedback and guidance provided by a voice therapist would be necessary to achieve not just a passable voice, but an effortlessly feminine one.

Working with Michelle has introduced me to even more elements, some very subtle, that contribute to a beautiful voice. Even after 6 sessions, I had achieved a voice that I was proud of and that I felt was truly mine. What once was a liability has become one of my strengths in my transition to living and thriving as a woman.

Some of the most important tools that Michelle provided me with were self-analysis and the ability to fine tune my voice on my own. Beyond pitch, we worked extensively on resonance, breath control, and stamina. She not only transformed my voice, but she has helped me with all the non-verbal aspects of presentation as well, including the appropriate gestures, gait, and posture.
In summary, I give Michelle my highest recommendation. She has truly been an invaluable ally!”

A.T.- Gender affirming training